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At this moment it is already possible to pre-order visitor passes.


Ordering visitor tickets

Go to the online entry module, make an account, click the button “Enter for this show” on the right hand side of the page (text: register your dogs for this show, order tickets, etc.).


Choose 2. options and add the ticket(s) you want to order. No need to check  or fill out the date as the tickets are day-tickets and you can choose which day you are going to use it.

You will see that the added tickets will show on your screen.

When done, click <next> (at the right of the total amount to pay) and you will be led to the secured banking system.


Please notice that we have also “family cards”, “4-day passes” and tickets for visiting dogs.


Bringing a visitor dog?  please see our health rules below.

Handler of the dog declares that the dog is completely vaccinated against distemper, parvo and HCC and, coming from abroad against rabies. Proof of vaccination can be asked for. Furthermore the handler states that the dog brought into the venue has not, to his knowledge, during the last 12 weeks been in circumstances where there might have been danger of infection with canine distemper, or any other disease. Official titer results are accepted in the Netherlands. Please note that vaccination against Leptospirosis is not officially required, but recommended by the authorities.

Furthermore the handler states that the dog he has entered has not had its ears cropped. Dogs with cropped ears, in whatever country they are born, are not allowed to visit dog shows in the Netherlands (Dutch law). Not allowed: Dogs with an ear or skin condition. Bringing in a dog is the responsibility of the owner/handler owner and in case one or more of these “conditions” is detected, the registration fee will not be refunded.


More visitor information will follow later.


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