Birgit Sluiter (NL)

Birgit Sluiter (NL)

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My life with dogs started around 1982 when we got our first two Basset Hounds. I got involved in the dog world and soon learned a lot about showing and breeding. Later Bloodhounds joined the Basset Hounds. Both breeds are beautiful to look at , but it is also nice to work with them. Then they really come to life. At the moment we own two Bloodhounds.

About 30 years ago I got my first Pug and since then this small, active, funny, beautiful breed is in my house and in my heart. I am breeding and showing Pugs.

I started judging in 2009 when I passed my first judging exam, for the Basset Hound. At the moment I am qualified for nearly all the breeds in group 6 and some breeds in group 9 : Pug, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge, Petit Brabancon and Tibetan Spaniel. I am interested in more breeds and I hope to add some beautiful breeds to this list in the near future.

Besides judging at international shows in my own country and abroad I have had the honour to have been invited to judge at specialties for Pugs, Bloodhounds and Tibetan Spaniels in other countries. I am a member of the judging committee in the Netherlands. When I am not busy with dogs I work in a hospital as a dialysis nurse.

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Best Puppy

Friday 10-08-2018


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Sunday 12-08-2018

World Dog Show

Tibetan Spaniel
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