Aída Rivera Franco (CO)

Aída Rivera Franco (CO)

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Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Licenced in education and administration.

Is currently the Headmistress at Clermont Bilingual School in Bogotá.
Married to Mr. Juan Alberto Grillo Londoño, who also shares the hobby of breeding pure breed dogs.

In 1990, along with her husband, founded the Santana Kennel, which has bred and exhibited around 20 national and international champions.

Their most representative breeds have been: Chinese Crested Dog, Pug, Shit-tzu, Standard Dachshund, Beagle, Pomeranian, Shiba-Inu, Color and White Bull Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Fila Brasilero, Napolitan and English Mastiff.

With their Pomeranian “Grafenhorst Diamond Chip”, they received the Best National Dog award in the Ranking on 2002, with 15 Best in Show and in 2011 with an adult Pom and with a junior Standard Dachshund. She proudly owns the first adult and junior dogs in the Ranking 2011.

Co-founder of the “Sabana Kennel Club” in Bogotá on 1997, and worked as vicepresident, secretary and show director. Currently works as treasurer and head of the public relations committee. Is an active member of the main kennel club in Colombia (Asociación Club Canino Colombiano), being a member of the board as general secretary. Is the representative from Colombia at the FCI show commission. Also works in the Colombian Kennel Association as member of the public relations committee with the general organization of the Americas and Caribbian dog show in Bogotá, march 2016 and with the general workshops for new judges, handlers and children

She has been invited to judge many all breed and groups specialties in Colombia and all general breed shows in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brasil, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Perú, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Venezuela, United States of America, Sicalam 2016 in Lima, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Philipines, China and Taiwan.

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