Alfons Simons (NL)

Alfons Simons (NL)

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Together with my deceased wife we ​​have bred American Cocker Spaniels under the kennel name "House of Kingswood" successfully. We have always been very selective in both breeding and importing, which can be seen in our breeding history. Many of our dogs have become champions, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Since my early retirement from the government service, the English Springer Spaniel has joined the family as from that moment on I had the time for them. Since 2005, there's also, just for the fun of it, a Chinese Crested in the house.

With the English Springer Spaniels I could enter the fields and forests. Pure bred dogs have been our passion and great friends since 1970.

After graduating in the E & B exam in 1989, I started doing exams for the various breeds and later became group judge of Retrievers, Spaniels and Water Dogs. (FCI group 8).

In my career as a judge, I have judged in many countries in Europe. Judging dogs I consider the crowning on my work for being engaded in cynology many decades, not only as a breeder, exhibitor and judge but also in the administrative functions and as the Show Organizer (Chairman) of the Limburgia Dog Show (outdoor).

My other hobby, which goes very well with dogs is music and then preferably vocal. A Limburger is not a real Limburger if he does not like music. Music is balance and rhythm. That's what I look for in the dogs: Balance, soundness and beat the 3 T's, type, top line and temperament.

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Golden Retriever, females

Friday 10-08-2018

Saturday 11-08-2018

World Dog Show

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Sunday 12-08-2018


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