C.V. Sudarsan (IN)

C.V. Sudarsan (IN)

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He began in the sport more than 35 years ago, exhibiting and breeding Pugs and Whippets. He has since bred many other breeds and is currently committed to his Dobermanns, Whippets and Pugs under the Magic Million prefix. His kennel has produced three "Dogs of the Year" and tow Dogs of the Year bred in India. He has also won the Puppy of the Year and Breeder of the Year trophies.

As an all-breed judge he has the distinction of judging shows of all the registred clubs in India and has judged at the most prestigious venues on five continents. Assignments have included trips to Japan, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Chile and the 2011 European Dog Show in the Netherlands.

Mr. Sudarsan's association with the Kennel Club of India dates back to more than three decades. He is secretary of the KCI and editor of the Indian Kennel Gazette. Mr. Sudarsan was the Madras Canin Club's founding secretary, a post he held for 30 years, and is now the club's president.

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