Jan Coppens (NL)

Jan Coppens (NL)

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Jan Coppens, born in 1953, is coordinator integral safety / emergency response and crisis manager.

In 1983, Jan had his first Rhodesian ridgeback. In 1984 he started, together with his wife Carla, JOCKULAR kennels. Many champions came from this kennel.

Jan writes articles for various dog magazines with personal illustrations. In 1991 he was co author of the first Dutch book: Rhodesian ridgeback in the Netherlands 1945-1991. In 2002, followed a second book by Publisher 'about animals’ for Jan delivered texts. Several books and learning resources published by the Dutch Kennel Club are illustrated by Jan.

In 1984, he became a member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the Netherlands. At this association he has conducted five years the secretariat, he was editorial assistant, and organizer of activities. From 2000-2003 he was chairman of RRCN. Since 2013 he is member of NRRV (Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Club). Since 1985 member of kennel club De Kempen (board member for 17 years) and kennel club Waalwijk as Show organizer. Since 2015 invited member of Royal kennel club Cynophilia. Dog trainer since 1989. Since 1993 lecturer and examiner cynological knowledge of the Dutch Kennel Club ‘Raad van Beheer’.

From 2009 to 2012 John was chairman of the committee for the sighthound racing and coursing sport in the Netherlands. Active with innovations in the field of education and training and substantially for the organization of the European Championship Coursing 2011.

Jan judges since 1991 and is qualified for the FCI-groups 6 and 10 and the mediterranean varieties belonging to group 5 and the American Akita, Basenji, Chow Chow, Finnish spitz and Shiba. He's FCI Best in Show judge and Junior handling judge. He is a speaker at various shows. On the list from "Rhodesian ridgeback club of Scotland" and the "Southern Rhodesian ridgeback Association England" breed specialist listed as A1 judge. Judged in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.
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