Marion ten Cate (NL)

Marion ten Cate (NL)

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I grew up with dogs. My parents got their first Sheltie in 1964. In 1970 we bought more Shelties and an American Cockers. That was our introduction in the Dog World. Showing and training became a hobby of the family. I started to train and show my dogs at a very young age. In 1976 I became Dutch Obedience Champion at the Winner Show.

Our kennel name is ‘Own Delight’. The first Sheltie litter was born in 1975. We only bred a litter when we had the intention to keep a dog. All dogs live in the house and are part of the family. That is why we have now,40 years later, bred only six generations. But every generation gave us a Show Champion and we bred 4 following generations show champions We had 15 Sheltie champions in all colours. My pride and joy was my dog Own Delight’s Pascal who was a dual champion. He is a Show Champion and in 2006 he became also Agility champion at the age of 9 years. I have two Show Champion daughters of him with which I still train agility.

I studied Biology and specialized in animal (dog) genetics. My first judges assessment in Holland was in 1996 for Shelties. In 2001 I also passed the judges training scheme in England for Shelties. I have a brought interest in everything that has to do with dogs.

So I judge Group 1 and a big part of Group 5 and some breeds in other Groups. I judged in many countries even in Australia and South-Africa. I judged more than 200 CACIB/CAC shows and in total over a 20.000 dogs including 3500 Shelties and 4000 Belgian Shepherds.

Next to being a judge I am involved in several committees and I give seminars about breed Standards and Construction of dogs and Genetics. So dogs are not only a hobby but also a way of life. I love it.

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