Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko (NL)

Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko (NL)

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Before Nadjia came to Holland, she was already professionally involved with dogs. Having a degree in biology, Nadjia was the employee in the Far East department of the Russian Kennel Club and the leading selectionist in the breeding programms. The characteristics of this job made her deeply involved in the breeding and judging of different breeds.

From 1987 she was a judge in Russia. In Holland from 1993, Nadjia continued her dogs related life and followed the obliged courses of the Dutch Kennel Klub, passed all the necessary exams and in 2004 she became an official FCI judge. As judge, dog sport fancier and photografer she is actively present on many dog shows and working trails.

Now a days many breeds is on her list and geography of her judging wide.Passion for the journalism and photography resulted in her popular book series "The World of Dobermanns" and popular infosite "DobermannWorld". With the kennel "Russkaja Mechta " which means "Russian Dream" Nadjia has became a quite famous Dobermann breeder in Holland now a days and many work and show champions are the result of her breeding.

Ambitions, Experience, Quality and Good Care are the core characteristics of her work.
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