Niksa Lemo (HR)

Niksa Lemo (HR)

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Dr. Niksa Lemo is an international championship dog-show judge and he judged at plenty of national and international dog-shows on all 6 continents (Slovenia, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Portugal, United States of America, Finland, Norway, Gibraltar, Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Australia, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Kenya, South Africa, Israel, Greece, Sweden, France, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany, Iceland, Mexico, Uruguay, Brasil, etc).

He is licensed from January 1992 for the first breed, Doberman. He is full licensed as an all rounder judge from December 2010. Up today, he already judged all groups and BIS competitions, also the final of junior handling competition on European show 2007. He has been invited to the most prestigious shows as World Show, European Show, Eurasia, Nordic Winner, Finnish winner, Mediterranean winner, Spanish National and other worldwide breeds national specialties. He was selector judge for Swiss selective competition for Eukanuba World Challenge, moreover he judged different champion of champion shows worldwide.

As a member of Croatian Kennel Club (CKC) he worked in The Committee for breeding (1994 – 1998) , The Show and Judge Committee and he was the president of The Scientific Committee. Dr. Lemo is a university professor and board certified veterinary dermatologist (ECVD), he teaches veterinary dermatology and canine science at the Zagreb University. He conducts the seminars for student judges, judges and breeders in collaboration with CKC, also he was invited speakers for Dalmatian and English bulldog at world club breed conferences. In scientific interests, his master thesis is about hip dysplasia in dogs and his PhD presented genetically population study in dogs. He was coauthor in review article of evolution of Dalmatian dogs and relation with other canine breeds.

Niksa Lemo breeds Miniature schnauzers (black and salt and pepper), in his career he owned, co-owned and/or showed Doberman, Pug, Standard schnauzer, German Shorthair pointer, Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan spaniel and Irish setter.

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