Repatriating/legalizations dogs

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Repatriating dogs

For some (non-West European) countries it is necessary to have the papers and health of the dogs legalized before they can return to their own country.

In the Netherlands this is the task of the government agency NVWA.


For the World Dog Show the NVWA will have office for legalization at the RAI to see to it that the papers will be legalized and get the proper stamps.

The NVWA will be – only on Saturday the 11th August – at the venue. The organization of the World Dog show will provide the veterinairs to examn the dogs and fill out the papers.

If you need such a legalization for your dogs please pre-book this by filing out the form and pay the fee.

The price (fixed price of the NVWA) is € 55.00 per dog to be paid to the account mentioned on the form. If payment by bank transfer is too difficult from your country please mention that on the form and we expect you to pay at the venue with your credit card.

If you need legalization on any other day (not in a weekend) you will have to make your own arrangements with the


Catharijnesingel 59,

3511 GG Utrecht

tel.: +31 900 0388


If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:


Please note that this repatriation legalization is only necessary for a few countries such as Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia, South Africa etc. etc.

This is not for the deworming and stamps such as needed for Great Britain and Scandinavia. This is a free service when you bring your own medication.