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Friday  11th August 2018 the Dutch Kennel Club is organising a ‘Specialty’ for FCI Group 5

There will be no written reports at this specialty.

The CAC is double (2 points). If you want to learn more about the validation of the CAC awarded from 9th to 12th August 2018 please see pages:

Titlles and Qualifications” under “General information” at this website.

Below you will find the judges list of this specialty.

Friday 10 August 2018
American Cocker Spaniel167Linda Voláriková  (SK)
American Water Spaniel301Barbara Müller (CH)
Chesapeake Bay Retriever263Hannie Warendorf (NL)
Clumber Spaniel109Wil Hochstenbach (NL)
Curly Coated Retriever110Vladimir Piskay (SK)
English Cocker Spaniel, females5Linda Voláriková  (SK)
English Cocker Spaniel, males5Linda Voláriková  (SK)
English Springer Spaniel125Wil Hochstenbach (NL)
Field Spaniel123Wil Hochstenbach (NL)
Flat Coated Retriever, excl. Junior class121Alfons Simons (NL)
Flat Coated Retriever, Junior class121Alfons Simons (NL)
French Water Dog105Barbara Müller (CH)
Frisian Water Dog221Hannie Warendorf
German Spaniel104Wil Hochstenbach (NL)
Golden Retriever, females excl. Junior class111Tamas Jakkel (HU)
Golden Retriever, Junior Class females111Tamas Jakkel (HU)
Golden Retriever, Junior Class males111Tamas Jakkel (HU)
Golden Retriever, males excl. Junior class111Tamas Jakkel (HU)
Irish Water Spaniel124Barbara Müller (CH)
Labrador Retriever, females excl. Junior class122Ron James (GB)
Labrador Retriever, Junior Class females122Ron James (GB)
Labrador Retriever, Junior Class males122Ron James (GB)
Labrador Retriever, males excl. Junior class122Ron James (GB)
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje314Gerard Mensink (NL)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever312Hannie Warendorf (NL)
Portuguese Water Dog37Barbara Müller (CH)
Romagna Water Dog298Barbara Müller (CH)
Spanish Water Dog336Vladimir Piskay (SK)
Sussex Spaniel127Wil Hochstenbach (NL)
Welsh Springer Spaniel126Wil Hochstenbach (NL)



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