Tatjana Urek (SI)

Tatjana Urek (SI)

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I got my first dog, an English cocker spaniel, at 14 years of age. During my study at law faculty I was active in local kennel club in Trbovlje. My regional Club in Trbovlje organized the first national CAC show in 1993 and I am since then the show manager. Since 6 years I am also show manager from the National group 9 specialties and International CACIB shows.

I bought my first Shih Tzu in 1989. This bitch was the foundation of my kennel Potala Dalaj Lama.

I was successful breeder of Shih Tzu. From my kennel came several champions. After Shih Tzu I was also involved into Little Lion dogs and now I am a breeder of French Bulldogs since 2001. From my kennel came several national and international champions.

I became an international judge in 2000 and I am allowed to judge junior handling, group 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, part of group 3 and 5. I was the President of the breeding committee for Toy breeds. I was member of the FCI Show and FCI Judges committee and board member from the Slovenian Kennel Club. Since now I judged in many European countries at International and National shows (including FCI-World Dog shows and FCI European Dog Shows), as well at Champion of Champion shows and many breed specialties and title shows.

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Lhasa Apso
Little Lion Dog

Friday 10-08-2018


Saturday 11-08-2018

World Dog Show

Portuguese Water Dog
Spanish Water Dog
Best Junior of FCI group 7

Sunday 12-08-2018

World Dog Show

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