Elly Weijenborg-Weggemans (NL)

Elly Weijenborg-Weggemans (NL)

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Born in a Kynological nest, I have already come into contact with kynology at a young age, on all fronts.

Bby my parents, I'm culminated in active cynology. When I came home after a reorganization in the company where I worked there was space for an dog and so on my first adult Border Terrier bitch came living with us. Soon followed by a puppy male which I managed to make a show champion. He is the base of my love for dog shows.

My first "function" in cynology was a being a board member of the Kynologenclub Culemborg E.O. There I'm still the president of the club. I was able to organize ring training and AKK courses. And as it goes in life and cynology it became a snowball effect. The seed was laid, and after buying myself in, in a kennel (Ossekoele), I bought my first bitch from Mrs Bons to breed and show. Although the bitch was of good quality she was not much of a shower. In fact she did not like showing at all. Never mind show, she was a very good bitch and I have bred a number of litters with her. The first litter in 1992.

I have passed the AKK and subsequently followed the E & B exams (general knowledge of cynology, exterior and movement)

Although I had not really aspiration to become a judge, I was convinced to do more once I had those diplomas, so I entered for a breed exam with succes. The Border Terrier was the first breed I succeeded in. The past few years I have fullfilled a number of Cynological functions (and/or still am) and I am now a judge for the total FCI groups 3, 4 and 5 and the Tibetan Terrier and Shih Tzu.

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World Dog Show

Border Terrier
Best of FCI group 3

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