Anne-Marie Class (FR)

Anne-Marie Class (FR)

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I bought my first pedigree dog in 1971, she was a Bullmastiff. Then I bought a male who became a champion. I started to breed very occasionally and got keen of molossers.

I used to be a pharmacist.

I became a judge for Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs in 1980. I judge all breeds of FCI Group 2 and some in other Groups. I have judged all around the world since 1994. I am the president of the French Club for Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs since 1995.

I breed very occasionally English Mastiffs and love to exhibit from time to time. I am the author of many publications about dogs and the dog world in French and in English. I am currently the general secretary of the French Kennel Club ans secrétary of the FCI judges'commission.

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Bulldog, females
Bulldog, males
Best of Specialty group 2

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World Dog Show

Tibetan Mastiff
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