Dick Rutten (NL)

Dick Rutten (NL)

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For profession I have worked with service dogs. Here lies my preference for working with dogs.

My first private breed was the German Short-haired Pointing Dog and after a few years the Dachshunds came, especially the Miniature Dachshund rough-haired had our preference. If you work with Dachshunds then you really get great respect for this "guy in pocket size".

Through the years, I have judged them in many countries. After my cynological training, I became a judge of many breeds in groups 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Also, I am qualified to judge the Dutch Smoothhound, Foxterrier wire-haired and Irish Wolfhound. I judge these breeds with a lot of passion, which includes health, behavior and functionality.

I am a manager and organizer of various, small to very large, events and am a member of various committees.

As a teacher E and B, I have been able to train new judges for many years. Fortunately, I can do my hobby with my wife and we are active at all kinds of events, exhibitions, club matches and exams. We are doing this with great pleasure and now we are retired we have time for it.

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World Dog Show

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

Welt Union Teckel

Dachshund Standard, smooth-haired

Sunday 12-08-2018


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