Kimmo Mustonen (FI)

Kimmo Mustonen (FI)

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My name is Kimmo Mustonen and I became a dog show judge in 2010. Today I am authorised to judge groups 2, 3, 4 and 9. I have also started to extend my authorities to groups six and ten. I have a life-long experience of dogs.

My own breed is the Border Terrier. In my childhood home, we had Saint Bernards, hunting spitz and Finnish Hounds. Thereby, I have spent my whole life with dogs. I went to dog shows and hunting trials already as a little boy. I have been active as a ring steward and served in different dog clubs.

Now I am a member of Finnish Kennel Club's Board and the chair of the Finnish Kennel Club's Show and Judges Committee. I have also been a Board member of the Finnish Dog Show Judges' Society and the chair for the Border Terrier club in Finland. I am from Tohmajärvi, North Karelia, and spent the first 20 years of my life there. During that time, I spent a lot of time hunting with my father. I still have my hunting licence as a remembrance of that time. I used to serve as a field judge and a steward at hunting trials for hounds. Every now and then, we train our Border Terriers and take them to earthdog trials.

Dog shows have however always been the form of activity closest to my heart. Already as a little boy, I sat by the ring and dreamt of being a judge. Now that dream has come true. I breed dogs together with my sisters Kati, Outi and Anna under the kennel name Ommik's. We are going to continue breeding in a small scale also in the future, hopefully still maintaining a good quality. We have imported several Border Terriers from England to be used in breeding.

I am happy to have had the chance of becoming a judge – it is not something that is self-evident. I consider being a judge as a responsible job – one must be faithful to the origins and the standards of the breeds. I want to learn the breeds I judge thoroughly. I have got acquainted with terriers in England, the home country of several terrier breeds. I still visit dog shows there, and last year I got to judge my own breed there for the first time. I have been well received as a judge. I have learned a lot of many breeds from many experienced judges. In addition to Finland, I have judged in 16 countries so far, of which the country furthest away was Australia. I take up new challenges as a judge with big enthusiasm. I spend my nights and weekends studying new breeds, being at dog shows, or serving in positions of trust.

Dogs are not just a hobby. They are a way of life.

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