Miguel Ángel Martinez (AR)

Miguel Ángel Martinez (AR)

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Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez has enjoyed a long and varied career in the world of dogs. He has been a breeder and exhibitor of Pointers, Irish Setters and Viszlas and a sought-after judge of both conformation shows and field trial events. Mr. Martinez has held many positions in canine organizations, including the role of President of Federación Cinológica in Argentina from 1987-91 and from 2009-2014.He has also been President of the Americas and Caribbean Section of the FCI for twenty years (1995-2015) and he is a member of the FCI General Committee at present.

He is approved to judge all breeds by the FCI, as well as the American & Canadian Kennel Clubs. Mr. Martinez, above all, continues breeding with much success and his dogs are now competing not only in Argentina but also in Italy, Mexico and USA both in conformation and in field trials getting national and international champions.

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Bulldog, females
Bulldog, males

Friday 10-08-2018


Saturday 11-08-2018

Sunday 12-08-2018

World Dog Show

Chihuahua smooth-haired, males
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