Ozan Belkis (TR)

Ozan Belkis (TR)

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Mr. Ozan Belkıs, born in 1968, lived already as a kid between breeds like Basset Hound, Airedale Terrier or Great Dane. He was the first Turkish exhibitor showing his dogs at international level and at World or European Dog shows. Ozan Belkis is one of the proud founders and since 2008 he is the Vice-president of the Turkish Kennel Club.

One of his big passions in cynology is to breed Miniature Schnauzer and Black Russian Terrier and Cane Corso.

Ozan Belkis is the chairman of the Judging and Shows committee of the Turkish Kennel Club.

Saturday 11-08-2018


Best minor puppy Specialty group 2

Sunday 12-08-2018

World Dog Show

Italian Corso Dog, males
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