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Saturday  11th August 2018 the Dutch Kennel Club is organising a ‘Specialty’ for FCI Group 2

There will be no written reports at this specialty.

The CAC is double (2 points). If you want to learn more about the validation of the CAC awarded from 9th to 12th August 2018 please see pages:

Titlles and Qualifications” under “General information” at this website.

Below you will find the judges list of this specialty.

Saturday 11 August 2018
Affenpinscher186Hildeward Hoenderken (NL)
Anatolian Shepherd Dog331Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Appenzell Cattle Dog46Fabrizio La Rocca (IT)
Atlas Mountain Dog247Fabrizio La Rocca (IT)
Austrian Pinscher64Fabrizio La Rocca (IT)
Bernardiner, long-haired61Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Bernardiner, short-haired61Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Bernese Mountain Dog, females45Carmen Navarro Guisado (ES)
Bernese Mountain Dog, males45Carmen Navarro Guisado (ES)
Bosnian-Herzegovinian Croatian Shepherd Dog355Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Boxer144Hildeward Hoenderken (NL)
Broholmer315Carsten Birk (DK)
Bulldog, females149Anne-Marie Class (FR)
Bulldog, males149Anne-Marie Class (FR)
Bullmastiff157Carmen Navarro Guisado (ES)
Castro Laboreiro Dog170Claudio Giuliani (IT)>
Caucasian Shepherd Dog328Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Central Asia Shepherd Dog335Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Cinmarrón Uruguayo353Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Danish-Swedish Farmdog356Carsten Birk (DK)
Dobermann, females143Roberto Douma (NL)
Dobermann, males143Roberto Douma (NL)
Dogo Argentino292Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Dogo Canario346Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Dogue de Bordeaux116Hildeward Hoenderken (NL)
Dutch Smoushond308Boris Chapiro (FR)
Entlebuch Cattle Dog47Boris Chapiro (FR)
Estrela Mountain Dog, long-haired173Boris Chapiro (FR)
Estrela Mountain Dog, short-haired173Boris Chapiro (FR)
Fila Brasileiro225Enrico Drudi (SM)
German Pinscher184Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL)
Giant Schnauzer, black with black undercoat181Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL)
Giant Schnauzer, Pepper and Salt181Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL)
Great Dane, Black and Harlequin235Carsten Birk (DK)
Great Dane, Blue235Carsten Birk (DK)
Great Dane, Fawn and Brindle235Carsten Birk (DK)
Great Swiss Mountain Dog58Boris Chapiro (FR)
Hovawart190Boris Chapiro (FR)
Italian Corso Dog, females343Hans van den Berg (NL)
Italian Corso Dog, males343Hans van den Berg (NL)
Karst Shepherd Dog278Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Landseer European Continental Type226Victor van Raamsdonk (BE)
Leonberger145Boris Chapiro (FR)
Majorca Mastiff249Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Mastiff264John Williams (NL)
Miniature Pinscher185Bo Skalin (SE)
Miniature Schnauzer, black and silver183Bo Skalin (SE)
Miniature Schnauzer, black with black undercoat183Bo Skalin (SE)
Miniature Schnauzer, peper and salt183Bo Skalin (SE)
Miniature Schnauzer, pure white with white undercoat183Bo Skalin (SE)
Neapolitan Mastiff197Hans van den Berg (NL)
Newfoundland, females50Victor van Raamsdonk (BE)
Newfoundland, males50Victor van Raamsdonk (BE)
Pyrenean Mastiff92Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Pyrenean Mountain Dog137Boris Chapiro (FR)
Rafeiro do Alentejo96Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Rottweiler, females147Refet Hadzic (BA)
Rottweiler, males147Refet Hadzic (BA)
Russian Black Terrier327Kimmo Mustonen (FI)
Saint Miguel Cattle Dog340Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Schnauzer, black with black undercoat182Kimmo Mustonen (FI)
Schnauzer, peper and salt182Kimmo Mustonen (FI)
Shar Pei309Ramune Kazlauskaite (LT)
Southeastern European Shepherd357Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Spanish Mastiff91Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Tibetan Mastiff230Ramune Kazlauskaite (LT)
Tosa260Claudio Giuliani (IT)
Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Sharplanina41Claudio Giuliani (IT)



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