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Junior Handling at the Benelux Winner

On Thursday 9th August 2018 – during the Benelux Winner Show – there will be an open, one-day Junior Handling competition. As this is another show than the WDS it is also open for the national representatives of the various FCI-countries.

Judging is according the the FCI rules for Junior Handling. “FCI Guidelines for national Junior Handling competitions

During the day there will be several pre-rounds with at the end of the day the final in the main ring.

Day and DateDescriptionJudge
Thursday 9 th August 2018Pre-rounds and finalSandra Dekker (NL)


Rules to enter (entry is closed)

  1. Dog must be entered for normal judging at the Benelux Winner Show
  2. Make an account, enter your dog for the Benelux Winner and add Junior Handler under options (fill out the requested data under Junior Handling)
  3. Entry for only Junior Handling for Benelux Winner is possible when the dog is already entered by the owner/exhibitor for the Benelux Winner Show.  You then go to the online entry module, make an account, click the button “Enter for this show” and in stead of adding a dog you go directly to options and select Junior Handling BNL Winner Thursday. Do not forget to fill out all data requested (first- and last name of the Junior Handler, e-mail address of the Junior Handler, date of birth of the Junior Handler (dd-mm-yyyy) and the breed & Chip number  of the dog. No need to put the name of the dog there.



Online entry is free of extra charges (handling fees are for the account of the organisation).


If you have problems with entering for Junior Handling at the Benelux Winner, please fill out the contact form and we will help you.



Junior Handling at the World Dog Show 10-12 August 2018

At the World Dog Show there will be a Junior Handling competition on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the title

World Champion Junior Handling 2018

There will be pre-rounds in the ‘Junior Handling Ring’ on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Sunday afternoon there will be the semi-final and the final in the main ring.

The national representatives of the various FCI-countries are directly qualified to the final. They are not allowed to participate in the pre-rounds and have to be nominated by their “Kennel Club” using the form at the bottom of this page.

All other Junior Handlers, age 10-17 years – can enter via our entry system (see link below) and try to qualify for the semi-final and perhaps the final on Sunday in the main ring.

Judging is according the the FCI rules for Junior Handling. “FCI Guidelines for World and Section Junior Handling Competitions

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be several pre-rounds in the ‘Junior Handling Ring’. At the end of each day the judge will select 3 Junior Handlers (no placement) which herewith qualify themselves for the semi-final on Sunday.

Please note that once qualified for the semi-final one is not allowed to compete the next day in the pre-rounds (no refund).

The Junior Handlers have to enter online before 11-7-2018. Entry for the pre-rounds at the day(s) of the show is not possible.

The breeds handled in the Junior Handling competition pre-rounds must also be entered for judging at the WDS, but not necessarily at the same day as the pre-round  of the Junior Handling competition. If judging is on the same day, then that’s OK. If the Junior Handler is competing with a dog/breed that is going to be judges at another day of the WDS, please send an e-mail to secretary@wds2018.com so we can see to it that the Junior Handlers will receive a ticket to get the dog in at the day of the Junior Handling competition.

Prior to the big final on Sunday the 3 x 3 = 9 finalists present themselves again in the semi-final. Out of this 9 the judge appointed for the semi-final will pick 5 Junior Handlers (no placement) for the final. The 5 and all the national representatives will compete in the final for the title World Champion Junior Handling 2018.

DayPart of CompetitionJudge
Friday 10th August 2018Pre-round Wendy van Oosten (NL)
Saturday 11th August 2018Pre-roundMyriam Vermeire (BE)
Sunday 12th August 2018Pre-roundLinda Voláriková (SK)
Sunday 12th August 2018semi-finalAdrian Landarte (UY)
Sunday 12th August 2018FinalZeljka fon Zidar (SI)

Dog must be entered for the normal breed judging

Only for Kennel Clubs – to nominate their national representatives

Junior Handling World Championship 2018 – final competition.


We herewith have the pleasure to invite you to register your national representative to the Junior Handling World Championship Final Competition in Amsterdam on August 12, 2018.

The Junior Handling World Championship will be held in connection with the World Dog Show 2018.

The Kennel Clubs of the FCI countries are entitled to nominate one participant, living in the Kennel Club’s country, to the final competition on Sunday 12th August 2018.

According to the FCI rules, only competitors in the age of 10-17 years are allowed to take part in the Junior Handling Competition.


The Final  will be held on Sunday 12th August 2018 and will be judged by:  Zelka von Zidar (SI).


The representatives or their Kennel Clubs must cover travelling and other expenses. Participation in the World Championship final competition is free of charge for the national representatives.

Last entry date is  1st of July 2018 (entry is closed)


The form below needs to be send by a representative of the Kennel Club, from a Kennel Club e-mail address, in order to check the validity.

This form is for the National representatives for the World Championship Junior Handling, 12th August 2018.

Admission through this form will only be accepted if the e-mail address of the sender is the Kennel Club of one of the FCI countries.


Please note that upon receipt of this form we will send confirmation of receipt to both the Kennel Club and the Junior Handler.


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