Gerard Mensink (NL)

Gerard Mensink (NL)


I was born in 1946 in Almelo the Netherlands.

I grew up in a hunting family, my father and my grandfather both were hunters.

We have always had hunting dogs in the house, only in my study time in Switzerland I did not have dogs of my own around me.

Even before my marriage, I had a puppy, saved from the water and taken into our home, it was a dog without “papers”, but very sweet and a super hunting dog, he was 16 years part of our family.

Because I simply like dogs, and especcially hunting dogs we took also a German pointer wire-haired.

After our first dog died we had, beside the wire-haired German pointing dog, taken a small Münsterlander pointing dog.

At that time, I attended courses at hunting and competitions, finally I coached for 35 years pointing hunting dogs and in the same time also more than 20 years the hunting Welsh Springer Spaniels and have now 4 hunting welshes at my home. To this day I still hunt with my dogs in my own hunting area, only the last few years with my Welsh Springer Spaniels, because my hunting ground is more suitable for Spaniels.

With the wire haired German Pointer dog, as also with the small Münsterlander and now with the Welsh Springer Spaniel I breed under the kennel name ,, van de Drentsche Hünen. Because I was so active with dogs, my friends encouraged me to learn to exterior Judge, so I started to learn to Judge in 1987 and after four years of studiing and several years of intership at dogshows I was invited in 1994 to take my first examination of the long-heared German pointing dog, which examination I successfully passed.

In the following years I did many examinations with the result that I’m now a groupjudge of the Pointing dogs ( FCI group 7) and judge of all the Water Dogs and some Retrievers and Flushing Dogs and of course the Dutch breeds in group 8, and for now I continue to study to be able to judge the entire group 8 in the future .

Because I still hunt with not only my own Welshes, but also with Pointing Dogs is it very important to me that any kind of hunting dog is able to do which he is bred for >>the whole day hunt>> he has to be anatomically well put together with the desired proper character and if he is still a good and beautiful looking type of his breed, then we have done well.

I try in my own way to make the right decisions as I judging so we will have also in the future hunting dogs who are able to hunt the whole day and also will be still nice looking dogs with the typical appearance of his breed.

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Kleiner Münsterländer
Large Münsterländer
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje
Best veteran FCI group 7 Specialty

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World Dog Show

Drentsche Partridge Dog

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