Gerda Halff-van Boven (NL)

Gerda Halff-van Boven (NL)

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I have dogs since 1972. Started with Dalmations and since 1976 Weimaraner. I registraded my kennel name" of the Grey Noble" in 1977. I have since breeding the Weimaraner since 1980. Breed on the average one litter a year. Also in possession of a longhair. More than 40 of our offspring are National or International Champion.

The first breed I was allowed to judge was the Weimaraner in 1991. On the 50th Anniversary of the Weimaraner Club of Great Brittan in 2003 I judged the bitches (entry 208). This year (2016) I'am invited as one of the judges on the 50 Anniversary of the Weimaraner club of Tsjechie. In 2017 I'am invited to judge the National of the Weimaraner Club in Australie. Nowadays I'am invited to many Championship Shows and open shows from different breed clubs, in the Netherlands and abroad.

In the past and now I'am organised several champion and club shows as a member of the show committee.

Qualified to judge the following breeds: Group 8 : Groupjudge Group 7: Groupjudge Group 6 : Dalmations, Beagles and Rhodesian Rhidgeback Group 10: Borzoi. Best in Showjudge, according to the rules of the FCI

Friday 10-08-2018

Saturday 11-08-2018

World Dog Show

Clumber Spaniel

Sunday 12-08-2018


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