Jean-Jacques Dupas (FR)

Jean-Jacques Dupas (FR)

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Activity for the Kennel Club: President of Club St Hubert du Nord (Kennel Club for the north of France); President of the Club du Caniche de France; Member of the committee of the French Kennel Club (SCC); Judge all breeds, 1st nomination in 1989.

I was President of the Afghan and Saluki French Club; President of the Greyhound French Club; Secretary of the Bergers des Pyrénées and Pyrenean Mountain Dog French Club; Secretary of the French Kennel Club (SCC).

What I have done with the dogs: Owner and handler of Afghans (one of my dog was showed in USA in 1983); Owner and handler of Berger des Pyrenees; Owner of Shih Tsu; I have presented my dogs in  France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Tchecoslovaquie, Austria, Yougoslavia, Spain, Italy, Portugal. I have judged in: France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Danemark, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, USA, Tchequie, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, Portugal, Slovaquie, Lithuania, Monaco, Russia, Ukrainia, Croatia, Latvia, Australia, Uzbekistan, Estonia....
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