Jill Peak (GB)

Jill Peak (GB)

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I awarded my first set of champion certificates in beagles in 1975 and award cc’s in all breeds in the hound group classified in the UK. I am honoured to be judging BIS at Crufts 2018. I have judged many times at Crufts over the years, including the Hound Group in 2002. I now award cc’s in many breeds across our 7 groups - and get my final group - the Gundog group in May 18. I have judged extensively abroad in many countries – in 2016 I have been judging twice in Australia which was my third trip there.

I still keep my BAYARD kennel with over 20 beagles and have made up many champions in beagles. I have also made up champions in whippets, dachshunds, pharaoh hounds and miniature pinschers.

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner


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