Marie-Josée Melchior (LU)

Marie-Josée Melchior (LU)

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My name is Marie-Josée Melchior- Schlechter and I live in a small village at about 15 kilometers away from Luxembourg- City.

Since my youngest childhood, I was fascinated of dogs. There were always dogs living at our home, for example German shepherd, Dachshunds , Poodles and Terrier mix. In 1978, I bought my own fawn Great Dane female and a black Dobermann female together with my husband and we started showing them at many dog shows . Later, we had a few litters of Great Danes under the kennel name” Fairlady´s" in fawn and brindled. Having puppies at home, was a big pleasure, but it was always very hard for me when they had to move to their new owners.

In 1990, after having fulfilled the conditions, and having been judge candidate, I passed my judge exam for my first breed, the Great Dane. The second breed , I was allowed to judge ,was the Dobermann . These two breeds have their place in my heart and in my house till today. But my interest in dogs did not stop at these two breeds. I started learning and judging more breeds.

In 1983,the Luxembourg Dobermann Club was founded and I have been a member since the first day. Later I became a member of the committee and since 2003, I have been the president of the Dobermann Club Luxembourg (DCL). In 2010, I became a member of the breeding commission of the working dogs in Luxembourg (CLSCU) of which I am the president since February 2016

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Bearded Collie
Welsh Corgi Pembroke

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World Dog Show

German Pinscher
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