Chantal van Raamsdonk-Blatter (BE)

Chantal van Raamsdonk-Blatter (BE)

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In the eighties I came in contact with French Bulldogs through my boyfriend. The parents of my boyfriend, now husband, were the owners of the famous De la Parure French Bulldog kennel. Since then I have been involved with French bulldogs, Bulldogs, Bull Mastiff and Old English Mastiff. Needles to say I have been surrounded by many dogs and several breeds ever since. Since I met with these great breeds I was “infected” and have devoted myself together with my husband to participate in the kennel. During the first years I helped out with taking care of the kennel, puppies and also went to shows of course. I was fortunate to spend much “quality time” with some of the greatest pioneers, breeders owners in different breeds.
Besides taking care of our dogs I also started to show interest in showing dogs and I showed many dogs at events worldwide. I travelled all over the globe and enjoyed every minute of it.

After my husband passed his exams and became an FCI judge I decided I also wanted to become a judge.

At the moment I am an active judge for several breeds in Group 2, 3, 9, and I am judge of the complete Group 4.

I am extremely proud of what I have achieved so far and look forward that I can keep developing myself as breeder, and judge in order to serve our beloved breeds even better in the near future.

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