Payment of the Entries

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Methods of payment of the entry/entries

Standard procedure: online entry and payment with credit card or bank (debit) card.

Alternative procedure: online entry with online-IBAN-bank-transfer. This is a special procedure with rules as stated below and only for those exhibitors that are unable to use the standard procedure. No exception to those rules will be made.


(Addidional) payment after 11-7-2017 or at the days of the shows is NOT POSSIBLE


There is also a special procedure for exhibitors that have not possibility to enter/pay online (p.e. when they have no computer). In that case please contact the secretary by telephone and one will receive a paper alternative. Please note that costs per dog will be added for administration purposes.

Online entry with online payment

As we decided that we would only have online entry with online payment, we started with payment per credit card and other payment possibilities (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Ideal, Carte Bleue, Paylib, Klarna-SOFORT, Giropay etc. ).


However, all payments by credit card from Russia (and the countries surrounding Russia) are declined base on a European directive, so we came with a PayPal solutions for Russia.

But……., also PayPal was not an option to solve the problem in total.


Beside that we noticed that Credit Card and other methods of online payment (a.o. SOFORT) was not an option for all the European countries.

In other countries SEPA is used often, but that is no option for the organization. We therefore have expanded the payment options  connected to the online entry system with online-IBAN-banktransfer.


As from Monday 30th April 2018  – it will be possible to enter online and pay through IBAN bank transfer

This is a special procedure whereby an IBAN number is created for each payment and can only be used if you adhere to a number of rules.

  • Procedure can only be used together with online registration via Online Dogshows;
  • Payment must be made at the same time as the online registration;
  • Payment must be credited to said account within 10 days;
  • All (bank) charges are at the expense of the owner/exhibitor and can be never for the receiver;
  • If the payment is not received within 10 days afther the dog(s) is/are entered, the registration will be annulated and the dog(s) IS/ARE NOT entered;
  • If payment is received after more than 10 days after registration, you will receive an e-mail asking how we can refund the money, because there is no more registration. Note: administration costs will be charged for repayment.
  • If payment is received within or after the 10 days can never be a point of  discussion and is to the discretion of the organization (the Stichting World Dog Show in cooperation with Online Dogshows)
  • If a partial payment is received, this will be seen as a non-payment and placed on a suspense account.  Administration costs will be charged for repayment;
  • This payment procedure runs until/and ends on June 28, 2018 or earlier if that is necessary;
  • Paying is- and remains- the responsibility of the exhibitor/owner and so are the costs for the bank transfer;
  • Giving an assignment to your bank will not be seen as proof of payment. Only the credit of the full amount on the mentioned account will be seen proof of payment;
  • All of the above can and will never be questioned. By using this form of payment you agree with these rules