Rachel Dijkhorst-Noij (NL)

Rachel Dijkhorst-Noij (NL)

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I live in The Netherlands with my family, my husband, two children and fur kids, in a nice town located in a forest area. As a child I grew up with dogs, my First dog was what we call a designerdog nowadays, a cockapoo. Then we had an English Cocker Spaniel and then several Rough Collies. I started training my Rough Collies at a local dogclub “KC Dordrecht e.o.”, became a member of the board and participated in Obedience, Agility and Flyball.

We visited the UK for training courses and they also came over to The Netherlands to instruct us. While I also started to show my dogs, I also became a student for two basic courses to become a judge. With my Border Collie I also had a go with sheep, I loved it but it wasn’t easy to find facilities to train.

Then I got my First Welsh Corgi Cardigan and soon more Cardis followed. At this point I only Judge Dachshunds (related to my own breed), the English section in Group 1 and the Australian Shepherd, for quite some years I am the president of the Australian Shepherd Club in the Netherlands. A compact group of breeds which I really appreciate and that I like to keep up with.

Even more than being a Judge I am a passionate breeder (Waggerland Cardigan Welsch Corgis) and I love to show my dogs around the world. For me it’s not about breaking records with just one dog, I love to come out with new quality dogs time after time. I’m very proud of many great wins with homebred dogs (BIS) as well as the World and European Winner titles. I know what it takes to keep your dogs in great condition and what hard work it is to go and show at these big events and I respect the breeder/owner/handlers for this.

I will always be gentle with the dogs that are presented to me as they are the reason why we are so passionate about the dogworld. I feel very honoured to have been invited to judge at this big event in Amsterdam and would like to thank the Dutch Kennelclub for that. I look forward to meet you!

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Friday 10-08-2018

World Dog Show

Border Collie
Best Junior of FCI group 4

Saturday 11-08-2018


Sunday 12-08-2018


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