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Guideline for ring stewards  WDS2018/Benelux Winner and Specialties

We advise you to read those guidelines a few times as the rules in the Netherlands can differ from the rules in your country.


Clothing advice – Whatever you think is suitable for a World Dog Show – Ladies will receive a scarf and men will receive a tie in “Royal Orange”


Dear all,

Just to inform you. Please be sure you will all be placed as a steward/secretary in the ring.

Only for Thursday we can use some reserve stewards/


Below you can download the instruction video – it can take some time to download, depending on how fast your internet is.


You can download the instruction film in English HERE

If you rather have the film in Dutch, please click HERE


We advise you to watch the instruction film a number of times to understand the flow.


We kept the number of papers in the ring as low as possible:

For the ring secretary this means

  • only 1 certificate per dog which will be hand out in the ring. On this card will be a link to download the result of the dog, which will be personalised.
  • main ring access card for best minor puppy, best puppy, best junior, best working dog, best veteran, best of breed
  • main ring access card for best couple/brace of the breed, best breeders group and best progeny group of the breed

And of course the white card, which is the check of the Ipad.


For the steward this means that he/she has the Ipad to put the results in and fill them out on the result papers on the ring board.

More specified instructions and examples of the papers will follow in the weekend.

Take care and we all meet soon.



In the ring the ring steward will work with an iPad which is fully automated.

The ring secretary will be in charge to fill the result page (“witte kaart”), the certificates and the main ring cards.

A instruction film for ring stewards is being made. All ring stewards will full visuable instructions about a week before the show.


From this day forward we will try to highlight a part of the above.


Welcome at our page for ring stewards

You will understand that we will need a lot of ring stewards during the four days the Benelux Winner Show, the World Dog Show and the Specialties will be held.

Below you will find the application form on which you will find most of the answers. If you need more information about working in the ring, please contact stewards@wds2018.com.


Information for (prospective) judges

During the Benelux Winner Show, the World Dog Show and the Specialties there will be no internships.


Ring stewards

Please fill out the application form if you want to help us in the ring. Fields marked with (*) are required.


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