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11 августа 2017

Website WDS 2018 is online

Welcome at the website of the World Dog Show 2018. We are proud to present our website to you. The base of our website is English, […]
10 апреля 2018

Overnight camping at campsite (17 km. from RAI)
and parking at RAI parking place

We have tried to get camping spots at the RAI venue, but due to the rules of the local government and the General Police regulations the […]
18 апреля 2018

Keurmeester gewijzigd / Judge Changed

German Shepherd Dog (double-coat & the long and harsh outer coat) – WDS – vrijdag 10 augustus 2018/Friday 10th August 2018 – wordt gekeurd door/will be […]
29 апреля 2018

Keurmeesterswissel / Change of Judge

American Staffordshire Terrier, females – Benelux Winner – donderdag 9 augustus 2018/Thursday 9th August 2018 – wordt gekeurd door/will be judged by: Desmond Murphy (US) Boston Terrier – […]
28 мая 2018

Parking for exhibitors/Parkeren voor exposanten

28-05-2018 As from today, 28th May 2018, it is possible (only for exhibitors) to pre-order day parking at the RAI parking garage. When you already have […]
22 июня 2018

Repatriating / legalizing dogs

Repatriating dogs. For some countries it is necessary that the papers / health of the dogs must be legalized before they can return to their own […]
22 июня 2018

Parkeren voor bezoekers / parking for visitors

Parkeren bezoekers World Dogs Show 9 t/m 12 augustus 2018 – RAI Amsterdam. We zijn blij- en blij verrast met het grote aantal inschrijvingen voor de […]
29 июня 2018

Entry Benelux Winner closed

Entry for BENELUX WINNER is closed The maximum of  dogs has been reached! THE WORLD DOG SHOW & SPECIALTIES ARE STILL OPEN FOR REGISTRATION
29 июня 2018

Payment by bank transfer ends 4th July 2018 – 23.59 hrs.

Please note that payment by bank transfer will end 4th July 2018 23.59 hours. All payments must be fully into our account. If not, the dog(s) […]
3 июля 2018

Presale parking tickets/Voorverkoop parkeerkaarten

03-07-2018 Online Dogshows have sent an reminder to all exhibitors to order parking tickets.   THIS IS JUST A REMINDER.   Parking tickets can be ordered […]
4 июля 2018

4-07-2018 Change of Judges – Beagles

The following changes have been made for the Beagles at the World Dog Show Saturday 11th August 2018. The minor puppy-, puppy- and junior class will […]
7 июля 2018

Ordering parking tickets for exhibitors / Bestellen parkeerkaarten voor exposanten / Заказ парковочных билетов для парковки автомобиля у экспоцентра RAI

Please pay attention: Upto and included 11th July exhibitors can order parking tickets for the garage through their account with Online Dogshows where they also entered […]
8 июля 2018

Wijziging keurmeester Mr. Spagna / Change of judge Mr. Spagna

All breeds that were going to be judged by Mr. Jari Spagna (IT), will be judged by Mr. Claudio Giuliani (IT). Specialties Saturday 11th August 2018 […]
8 июля 2018

Change of Judge Bernese Mountain Dog at Benelux Winner Show / Wijziging keurmeester voor de Berner Sennenhond op de Benelux Winner Show

The Bernese Mountain Dog at the Benelux Winner Show – both males and females – will be judged by Mr. Claudio Giuliani (IT)
13 июля 2018

The first statistics / De eerste statistieken

World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018 breaks records From 9 to 12 August 2018, the Dutch Kennel Club ‘Raad van Beheer’ organizes the World Dog Show 2018 […]
14 июля 2018

Legalization and dewurming pages updated

For more information about the legalization/repatriation for non-West European countries please see Legalization. For dewurming (Scandinavian Countries, Great Brittain etc. ) pleae see Dewurming
15 июля 2018


Parking tickets were upto 11th July reserved to Exhibitors/Participants. The selling of parking tickets via the entry program stopped per 12th July 2018. Monday the 16th July […]
16 июля 2018

Parking / Parkeren

Reservation for parking at the RAI is open again via Login and click “buy tickets” or Make an account and click “buy tickets”   All tickets […]
21 июля 2018


Interested in Dutch Dog Show 2018 and 2019, please go to AGENDA
24 июля 2018


De statistieken zijn gepubliceerd u vindt deze op Statistics are published. You find them at
25 июля 2018

EDS Poland – second term ends 31-7-2018

25 июля 2018

Change of judges total (of the last few months)

We herewith inform you of the last changes of judges. Some because they cannot attend the show but most because  too many dogs were entered to […]
29 июля 2018


ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY during World Dog Show 2018 The organisation of the World Dog Show 2018 (WDS), as well as the Benelux Winner and the breed […]
1 августа 2018

Parking tickets at RAI parking sold out / Parkeerkaarten bij de RAI zijn uitverkocht

1st August 2018 Parking at the RAI parking place is sold out. Via RAI parking  one can reserve external parking places. (Please pay attention – there […]
9 августа 2018


Find the Online catalogue or the results please click: Online Catalog Benelux Winner Show – 9-8-2018 or Results Benelux Winner Show 9-08-2018  
10 августа 2018

Change of rings – World Dog Show 11-8-2018

Last minute change of rings.   Judging of the Rhodesian Ridgebacks, males – Judge Martin Croeser is moved from ring 4 (hall 5) to ring 73(hall […]
13 августа 2018

The largest dog show in the world attracts 40,000 dog lovers to Amsterdam RAI

  AMSTERDAM – Last week, more than 40,000 dog lovers enjoyed the World Dog Show, the largest dog show in the world. Under the motto “Show […]
15 августа 2018

Results and Recordings

All links to results, online catalogues and recordings can be found at