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Gabriele Schröter (DE)

Gabriele Schröter (DE)

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Born in Hannover, Germany, I grew up in Canada’s East. When my family returned to Germany, I finished school and studied English and Latin in Cologne to become a teacher, but first teaching German in Scotland for a year. As soon as I was married I finally got a dog – that I had been wishing for ever since I was a child. It was a British Afghan Hound. A bitch followed, from whom we later bred a lovely litter from a beautiful Katwiga dog.

Showing, coursing, racing followed - and an ever growing interest in sighthounds – all of them! We shared our lives – apart from the Afghan Hounds - with an Ibizan, a Pharaoh Hound, a White Swiss Shepherd (especially for the children!), and now with two Cirnechi dell’Etna.

In 1984 I became a judge for Afghan Hounds and Salukis, the other breeds followed over the years, completing the FCI sighthound group 10 (+ the so-called Mediterraneans of FCI group 5) in 2013, judging in many countries, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden.

Apart from activities in the German Sighthound Breeding and Sporting Association (DWZRV) in many different functions (e.g. breed warden, consultant for the Mediterranean Breeds on the Breeding Commission) dog behaviour and drawing and painting are my other passions, and sighthounds inspire much of my art work.

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