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If you only looking for parking during daytime of your camper of caravan, please follow this link



Update campers and caravans

We herewith give you the address of the camping for campers and caravans during the World Dog Show in August 2018.

The address is:

Floriadepark 101, 2141 ZZ Vijfhuizen

The camper park is, from 9 to 12 only August, only open for exhibitors of the World Dog Show and have arranged extra facilities such as

  • All necessary permits
  • More camping spots
  • More electricity points
  • Extra security day and night (as it not only about material, but about our dogs – and safety first).

Camping spots (with shuttle to the RAI or with day parking at the RAI venue) can be booked as long as they are available but no longer than 11-7-2018.



We have tried to get camping spots at the RAI venue, but due to the rules of the local government and the General Local Regulations (APV) the RAI did not succeed.

We therefore did our utmost to organize an alternative which suits our clients.

We have found camping spots at abt. 17 km. from the RAI (a 20 minute drive) and offer you the following options.

Option A

  •  Camper spot (at abt. 17 km. from the RAI) + shuttle transport for you and your dog(s) Price: € 45.00 per night+day (or part of it). Normal facilities such security, water, electricity, tourist tax etc. etc.

Option B

  • Camper spot (at abt. 17 km. from the RAI) and parking place for your camper at the outside parking of the RAI venue. Price € 75.00 per night+day (or part of it). Normal facilities at the camping such security, water, electricity, tourist tax etc. etc. but no facilities at the parking of the RAI


Please note that we can only guarantee parking at the RAI venue with your camper when this is booked together with the booking of your camping spot.

Information about camper parking during daytime at the venue without booking a spot at the camping, will follow later


Camping will be available as from Wednesday 8th August 2018 – 15.00 hrs. till Monday 13th August 2018 – 12.00 hrs.



Booking and payment is integrated in the program of Online Dogshows, the same  program you use to enter your dog(s) .

Booking camper spots is only possible when you have already entered your dog(s) of enter your dogs at the same time.


How to handle if you have already entered your dog(s)

Go to your account with Online Dogshows, click “order additional options” and add the option(s) you want. You will see the total of options and amount to pay in the righthand corner.


How to handle if you do not have entered your dog(s) yet

Go to the page to enter your dog(s) at our website (

Read the information at this page and click OK (For your information this page is also available in Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Russian – use flag in the right hand corner to change the language).

Make an account, enter your dog(s) for the show(s) you want and then go to “options”. In options you will find the various other options such as admission tickets, groups etc. etc. and also the options we have for overnight camper staying.

Upon booking the camping, they will ask for your licence plate. If this changes between now and the day of the show please send us an e-mail in order to change this.

You will receive a confirmation of your booking automatically from the system after the online payment is received. Please note that if there is no payment there is no reservation.

The organization will collect the applications and at the beginning of May, will send you an e-mail with some more questions such as length of the camper, approx. number of dogs/people in the camper (for security/calamity reasons – there will be no extra charges per dog/person).


After final closure (mid July) we will start informing you about time of arrival, spot number etc. etc.


Hope to have served you with this information,


With kindest regards

Camping department