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Janusz Opara (PL)

Janusz Opara (PL)

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I was born into a doggy family with the Pekingese ruling the household. They were my first dogs and constant companions during my childhood. I did focus on this fabulous breed as a matter of course and bred the Pekingese exclusively under my own kennel name LIWANG for over 20 years. My long pampered dream of breeding Basenjis came true in 1991 when I finally managed to import the very first Basenji into Poland from a world famous Horsleys Kennels of Jayne Wilson Stringer. Basenjis have been my main interest as breeder ever since. I have bred 18 litters over last 25 years; some of the Basenjis I bred had truly spectacular show careers, some were just successful show dogs, but my real pride and joy is they all were of good type & had reliable temperaments.

My first concern has always been the well-being of my dogs and no show success can compare to the pride & joy of seeing all my puppies growing up and growing old with their loving & caring families. My never vanishing interest in dogs pushed me into owning & breeding several other breeds on a small scale over the years. The Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cairn Terriers, Smooth Chihuahuas, Tibetan Spaniels & Whippets have lived with us & our Basenjis in turns, bringing us a lot of joy & a unique experience of daily hands-on sessions.

I got my first license to judge the Pekingese and some other toy breeds; then progressed for hounds and finally, after 25 years, I completed my all breed status in 2005. I have been Chairman of the Toy Breeds Club of Poland over last 25 years. I am Chairman of the Judges Commission of the Polish Kennel Club.

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