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John Williams (NL)

John Williams (NL)

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Raised with a Boxer and bred English Bulldogs and Pugs (1992-2000). Surrounded by English Bulldogs I got a Bullmastiff in 2010.

I am a judge since 1988 – at the beginning only the English and French Bulldog, but in 2010 I passed all the exams and was appointed to be group judge of FCI group 2.

I have judged at several specialties in Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, France, Holland, Russia, New Zealand and Australia. I als judged French Bulldog sant the WDS in Stockholm 2008.

Besides judging I was (or have been) a board member of several breed clubs and co-responsible for the protocol for judging English Bulldogs as mentioned in the health program of the breed clubs in convenant with the Dutch Kennel Club “Raad van Beheer”. Furthermore I was co-responsible for the organisation of the 100-year jubilee show of the Dutch Bulldog Club with an entry record of 405 French Bulldogs, co-organizer of the “Dogachtigen Show”(FCI group 2) and of dogshow Uden.

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Best Junior FCI group 2

Friday 10-08-2018


Saturday 11-08-2018



Sunday 12-08-2018

World Dog Show

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