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Massimo Inzoli (IT)

Massimo Inzoli (IT)

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I am breeder of Dogo Argentino with the affix “ de Angel o Demonio” since 1992, even if my life with dogs started in the late seventies when I was very young. In these years my family made few litters of Neapolitan mastiff and I have grown in the legs of few of them. Later we  owned other breeds as Great Dane , Rottweiler and Yorkshire terrier. I have bred several Champions of Italy and abroad. One male from my breeding has won the official Ranking of FCA in 2007, as most prized Dogo Argentino of the year in Argentina.I am Molossers specialist judge and I am approved to judge:  Group 2° (all breeds), Group 3° (bull-type terriers), Group 4° (all breeds), Group 5° (all breeds), Group 10 (all breeds) and Best in Show.

I have judged all over Italy, as well as in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bielorussia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Sweden, Spain, San Marino, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States. I  judged Italian Cane Corso at the World Dog Show in 2012 in Salzburg (Austria) and in 2015 at the WDS in Italy.

I organized and was one of the speakers at the first judges’ refresher course about Dogo Argentino organized by ENCI in 2005, furthermore I have given lectures regarding the Dogo Argentino in Spain, Portugal, Finland and Hungary and regarding Cane Corso in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Holland, Brasil, Bulgaria and the USA. I am “ENCI mentor judge” for new judges in Italy for Cane Corso and Dogo Argentino and, effective January 2012, I am the judge for CAE-1 certification (test for obedience responsiveness and stable temperament of Good Citizen dogs and owners). I am the vice president of the Cynological Group Delegation ENCI of Caltanissetta, and I am the founder of the Dogo Argentino Club Italia (DACI), and past vice president of that organization.

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World Dog Show

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World Dog Show

Italian Pointing Dog

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World Dog Show

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