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Siret Lepasaar (EE)

Siret Lepasaar (EE)

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From childhood on I always had dogs in my family. They were hunting dogs, like russian hounds. My first dalmatian became on our home on 1998. She was liverspotted dalmatian bitch Bella. And thanks to her I started to visit dog shows and became friend with so many nice people from all Europe. Because of her Dalmatians will have a special place in my heart forever. Our kennel ALDERISLAND (it`s our family name LEPASAAR tranclated to english) produced first Dalmatian litter in 2001. Since 2005 we have also Basset Fauve De Bretagnes (BFDB). We have breed several good-looking Dalmatians and BFDB-s with nice temperament. And we are very happy that all our puppies have loving families. But big show success we have reached with BFDBs (some European Winners and Junior World Winners). Today we have at home one Dalmatian, three BFDBs, one Tibetan Terrier , one Chihuahua and a cat.

I have worked many years as ringsteward. Almost 17 years I`m involved in organizing different dog shows in Estonia (Dalmatian speciality shows, National all breeds and International shows).

My first breed as a judge was Dalmatian and now I`m licenced to judge some FCI groups. I have judged in 16 FCI countries. At shows in my ring I`m looking forward to see lot of healty well balanced dogs with pleasant temperament moving with attitude – I`m loving to be here doing my „job“!

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Terrier

Friday 10-08-2018


Saturday 11-08-2018

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