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Website WDS 2018 is online

Website WDS 2018 is online

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Welcome at the website of the World Dog Show 2018.

We are proud to present our website to you. The base of our website is English, but a few pages are translated in French, German, Spanish and Russian. In case of conflict in content between English and the translations, the English page will always be determinative and applicable.

To see which pages are translated, click on the flagg of your language. In the main menu on the left you will see the titles of the pages. When there is a translation you will see – besides the title in English – also the title in the chosen language.

Of course there will still be pages to add and pages to alter/correct, but the main info is now available.

Also, as from today, you can enter your dog(s) for the World Dog Show, the Benelux Winner and/or one of the specialties.

If you like to react to our website, please feel free to do so, using the contact form.

Hope to meet you all very soon,

The secretary.