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Wil Hochstenbach (NL)

Wil Hochstenbach (NL)

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In 1972 I got my first Irish Setter, which brought me in the world of dog breeding and dog shows.

I graduated AKK (general cynological knowledge) in 1984, and passed for exams in exterior and movement in 1987. The first breed as a judge was the Irish setter for which I was nominated on 29-12-1988. I have now been nominated for group 4-7 and 8.

I judged in England, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Hungary, and I am judging in Finland at a CAC/CACIB show in 2017. I have judged twice in England at the Irish Setter and the Gordon Setter championship show.

I am married for 44 years and I bred my 11 dogs (witch also gained titles) together with my wife. I enjoy beautiful dogs with a variety of movement in de various breeds.

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