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Willem Buitenkamp (NL)

Willem Buitenkamp (NL)

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Active since 1970 when I acquired a lovely Afghan Hound bitch. That was the starting point of a strong love for the wonderful sighthound group. I bred a few Afghan Hound litters coming from old Dutch and German descent.

President of the NVOW, the Dutch breed club for Afghan Hounds and other Oriental Sighthounds from 1983 till 1990 and from 2010 until today.

Appointed for Afghan Hounds in 1978, thereafter for the other FCI Group 10 breeds and Mediterraneans of FCI Group 5. Saluki judge since the year 2000. My judging brought me in many countries and I’m honored that I have been invited for this prestigious sighthound show in my home country and hope to see many splendid saluki’s.

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FCI Euro Sighthound


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