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Friday  11th August 2018 the Dutch Kennel Club is organising a ‘Specialty’ for FCI Group 6

There will be no written reports at this specialty.

The CAC is double (2 points). If you want to learn more about the validation of the CAC awarded from 9th to 12th August 2018 please see pages:

Titlles and Qualifications” under “General information” at this website.

Below you will find the judges list of this specialty.

Friday 10 August 2018
Alpine Dachsbracke254Stefan Sinko (SI)
American Foxhound303Stefan Sinko (SI)
Ariégeois20Jan Coppens (NL)
Austrian Black And Tan Hound63Stefan Sinko (SI)
Basset Fauve de Bretagne36Stefan Sinko (SI)
Basset Hound163Dinky Santos (PH)
Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound217Stefan Sinko (SI)
Beagle161Jose Luis Payro Duenas (MX)
Beagle Harrier290Stefan Sinko (SI)
Bernese Hound59Jan Coppens (NL)
Billy25Jan Coppens (NL)
Black and Tan Coonhound300Stefan Sinko (SI)
Blue Gascony Basset35Jan Coppens (NL)
Bloodhound84Dinky Santos (PH)
Blue Gascony Griffon32Jan Coppens (NL)
Bosnian broken-haired Hound - Called Barak155Stefan Sinko (SI)
Briquet griffon vend‚en19Jan Coppens (NL)
Chien d’Artois28Jan Coppens (NL)
Coarse-haired Styrian Hound62Jan Coppens (NL)
Dalmatian153Vladimir Piskay (SK)
Drever130Jan Coppens (NL)
English Foxhound159Stefan Sinko (SI)
Fawn Brittany Griffon66Stefan Sinko (SI)
Finnish Hound51Stefan Sinko (SI)
Français De Petite Vénerie325Stefan Sinko (SI)
French Tricolour Hound219Stefan Sinko (SI)
French White And Black Hound220Stefan Sinko (SI)
French White And Orange Hound316Stefan Sinko (SI)
German Hound299Stefan Sinko (SI)
Grand Basset griffon vendéen33Jose Luis Payro Duenas (MX)
Gascon Saintongeois21Jan Coppens (NL)
Grand Griffon vendéen282Jose Luis Payro Duenas (MX)
Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound322Stefan Sinko (SI)
Great Anglo-French White And Black Hound323Stefan Sinko (SI)
Great Anglo-French White And Orange Hound324Stefan Sinko (SI)
Great Gascony Blue22Jan Coppens (NL)
Griffon nivernais17Jan Coppens (NL)
Halden Hound267Stefan Sinko (SI)
Hamiltonstövare 132Stefan Sinko (SI)
Hanoverian Scent Hound213Stefan Sinko (SI)
Harrier295Stefan Sinko (SI)
Hellenic Hound214Stefan Sinko (SI)
Hungarian Hound - Transylvanian Scent Hound241Jan Coppens (NL)
Hygen Hound266Stefan Sinko (SI)
Istrian wire-haired Hound152Stefan Sinko (SI)
Istrian short-haired Hound151Stefan Sinko (SI)
Italian rough-haired Segugio198Stefan Sinko (SI)
Italian short-haired Segugio337Stefan Sinko (SI)
Jura Hound59Jan Coppens (NL)
Lucerne Hound59Jan Coppens (NL)
Montenegrin Mountain Hound279Stefan Sinko (SI)
Norman Artésien Basset34Jan Coppens (NL)
Norwegian Hound203Jan Coppens (NL)
Otterhound294Vladimir Piskay (SK)
Petit Basset griffon vendéen67Jose Luis Payro Duenas (MX)
Poitevin24Stefan Sinko (SI)
Polish Hound52Stefan Sinko (SI)
Polish Hunting Dog354Stefan Sinko (SI)
Porcelaine30Vladimir Piskay (SK)
Posavatz Hound154Jose Luis Payro Duenas (MX)
Rhodesian Ridgeback, females146Dinky Santos (PH)
Rhodesian Ridgeback, males146Dinky Santos (PH)
Schillerstövare131Stefan Sinko (SI)
Schwyz Hound59Jose Luis Payro Duenas (MX)
Serbian Hound150Stefan Sinko (SI)
Serbian Tricolour Hound229Stefan Sinko (SI)
Slovakian Hound244Stefan Sinko (SI)
Smalandstövare129Stefan Sinko (SI)
Small Bernese Hound60Jan Coppens (NL)
Small Blue Gascony31Jan Coppens (NL)
Small Jura Hound60Jan Coppens (NL)
Small Lucerne Hound60Jan Coppens (NL)
Small Schwyz Hound60Jan Coppens (NL)
Spanish Hound204Jan Coppens (NL)
Tyrolean Hound68Jan Coppens (NL)
Westphalian Dachsbracke100Jan Coppens (NL)



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