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Friday  11th August 2018 the Dutch Kennel Club is organising a ‘Specialty’ for FCI Group 7

There will be no written reports at this specialty.

The CAC is double (2 points). If you want to learn more about the validation of the CAC awarded from 9th to 12th August 2018 please see pages:

Titlles and Qualifications” under “General information” at this website.

Below you will find the judges list of this specialty.


Friday 10 August 2018
Ariege Pointing Dog177Wout Arxhoek (NL)
Auvergne Pointer180Wout Arxhoek (NL)
Blue Picardy Spaniel106Wout Arxhoek (NL)
Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon245Branislav Rajic (SI)
Bourbonnais Pointing Dog179Wout Arxhoek (NL)
Brittany Spaniel95Wim Wellens (NL)
Burgos Pointing Dog90Wim Wellens (NL)
Deutsch Langhaar 117Dinanda Mensink (NL)
Deutsch Stichelhaar232Vladimir Piskay (SK)
Drentsche Partridge Dog224Vladimir Piskay (SK)
English Pointer1Wim Wellens (NL)
English Setter2Wim Wellens (NL)
French Pointing Dog, Gascogne Type133Wout Arxhoek (NL)
French Pointing Dog, Pyrenean Type134Wout Arxhoek (NL)
French Spaniel175Wout Arxhoek (NL)
German Short-Haired Pointing Dog119Vladimir Piskay (SK)
German Wire-Haired Pointing Dog98Vladimir Piskay (SK)
Gordon Setter6Branislav Rajic (SI)
Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer57šÜmit Özkanal (TR)
Hungarian Wire-Haired Pointer239šÜmit Özkanal (TR)
Irish Red And White Setter330Branislav Rajic (SI)
Irish Red Setter120Branislav Rajic (SI)
Italian Pointing Dog202Wil Hochstenbach (NL)
Italian Spinone165Dinanda Mensink (NL)
Kleiner Münsterländer102Gerard Mensink (NL)
Large Münsterländer118Gerard Mensink (NL)
Old Danish Pointing Dog281Ümit Özkanal (TR)
Picardy Spaniel108Wout Arxhoek (NL)
Pont-Audemer Spaniel114Wout Arxhoek (NL)
Portuguese Pointing Dog187Ümit Özkanal (TR)
Pudelpointer216Ümit Özkanal (TR)
Saint Germain Pointer115Ümit Özkanal (TR)
Stabijhoun222Wout Arxhoek (NL)
Weimaraner, long-haired99Ricky Lochs-Romans (NL)
Weimaraner, short-haired99Ricky Lochs-Romans (NL)
Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Korthals107Vladimir Piskay (SK)
Wire-haired Slovakian Pointer320Ümit Özkanal (TR)



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