Theo van der Horst (NL)

Theo van der Horst (NL)

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Group Judge 3 (Terriers). English Bulldog, Bullmastiff and Mopshond.
Born in 1947 in Amsterdam.

Our first dogs were English Bulldogs. These dogs motivated me to deepen my understanding of cynology. My father always said, "What a good for men, is also good for my dog". Just wanted to know if he was right, I was looking for a course that gave me the right answers.

At the end of the 70's at the KC West Friesland, the AKK (General Cynological knowledge) course followed successively afterwards, followed by the E & B (exterior and movement) course. In the E & B course, I was very attracted to a Border Terrier, a real "nature" breed, compared to the Bull. Then I went deeper into the Terriers which resulted in steeling my heart. Character, construction and variety are the points I can think of. I find my first love “the Bulldog”, back in "Bull types Terriers" in section 3, their big ego in section 2, the "Small-sized Terriers" and build and character with a very large personality in section 1 "Large and Medium-sized Terriers "and finally" their tenderness in section 4 "Toy Terriers." Do realize that they are all "true terriers", but that does not mean they should be brutal, but have a good set of brains and policy to do the "dangerous" work.

Since 2014, I have been chairmen of "the VKK" the Association of Cynological Judges in the Netherlands.

Thursday 09-08-2018

Benelux Winner

Pug, females
Pug, males
Best Junior FCI group 3

Friday 10-08-2018

World Dog Show

Bedlington Terrier

Saturday 11-08-2018


Bull Terrier
Best Veteran Specialty group 3

Sunday 12-08-2018


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