Željka fon Zidar (SI)

Željka fon Zidar (SI)

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President of Slovenian Schnauzer Pinscher Club
Member and Judge of ISPU (International Schnauzer Pinscher Union)
President of Board of Judges of Cynological Association of Slovenia (CAS)
President of “Dog and Child /Young Cynologist” Commission
President of Honour of CAS “Junior Handling” Commission
Member of Schnauzers, Pinscher, Doberman, and Sighthounds Breeding Commissions CAS.

I was born in 1949 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and obtained a degree in economics from the University of Ljubljana. Now I am retired, but still very active in cynology.

Many different dogs have been present in my life since childhood, but my real beginning was with my black Giant Schnauzer, one amongst the first representatives of this breed in Slovenia.

After him, I shared my life with different breeds (German Shepherds, Dobermans, Dalmatians, Labradors,…), but Schnauzers have remained my favourite breed. For this reason I founded the first Schnauzer Pinscher Club in Slovenia in 1995, and have been its president to this day. Later on, I changed from breeding a Giant Schnauzer to the standard Schnauzer Pepper and Salt, but lately (since I am getting older) I have been thinking of going for a miniature. So, I was first licensed for judging Schnauzers and Pinschers, after which I finished with the FCI Groups II, III, IV, V, VIII, IX and X.

At present, however, I simply don’t have enough time for breeding. I am spending lot of my time judging outside of my home and abroad, meeting new dog people and a diversity of breeds, and I am enjoying these new experiences immensely. I have been judging in 35 countries in Europe and overseas clubs, from international and national shows to special breed shows from all Scandinavian countries to Greece, from China to Australia, from South Korea to Indonesia, from European Dog Shows to World Dog Shows. I love all dogs very much - judging and cynology has become the most important thing in my life. For more than 10 years I worked as chief substitute of our kennel club magazine “Cynologist” and I am still one of its columnists, as well as of many other dog magazines.

Junior Handling

My beginnings in JH go back to 1997, when I was acquainted with the work of a very active junior handling club in Belgium and became its member. Paula and Robert Dictus encouraged me to go to England, where I attended a Dog Handlers seminar for teaching and training under Jacques Hurley at the U.K. DOG HANDLERS ASSOCIATION. My training with the eminent English columnist and JH friend, Robert Killick, impressed me to the extent that upon my return home, I began to work intensively in junior handling, published a booklet of rules and instructions for JH, organised the first seminar on this subject for judges, and in 1998 established the Child and Dog Commission at CSA with a JH section, which later developed into an independent JH Commission at CSA. This year, the Slovenian JH Commission and the Child and Dog Commission are celebrating their 20th anniversary.When my work with JH began to exceed the frames of my available time, I left this work to my colleagues and remained the Commission's President of Honour. I have, however, remained president of the Child and Dog /Young Cynolog Commission and its driving force. Each year, I organise the competition for the title of Young Cynologist of the Year, write and collect programmes for training and educating children and young people about dogs and cynology, and edit the Young Cynologist page for young people in the CSA bulletin. I also organised a very resounding exhibition on our autochthonous breed, the Karst Shepherd Dog, at the Children's Museum.

In my career as judge I have learned about the approaches to JH employed in various countries around the world. On several occasions I was also entrusted with the selection of candidates for Crufts, among which I can take pride in some of the most successful ones, such as in 2005, when a Slovenian competitor, Pia Adlešič, won first prize at Crufts. In 2009 I judged JH at the international dog show in Bratislava, and I am proud of the fact that on the occasion of the first FCI dog show in Peking, China (2004), where I was a guest, I judged the work of the first Chinese handlers. In 2007 I also held a week-long seminar on handling and junior handling in China /Bejing. Even today, I frequently judge at dog shows in China, where I often encounter my former students. Similar experiences have happened to me in many other parts of the world, and give me new strength for work with young people. I am also honoured to have been invited by »Junge Hundefreunde Austria« to a working meeting on how to initiate the exchange between all countries in which junior handling is organized. I am happy to say that this goal has now actually been achieved with the establishment of FCI YOUTH and its contributions.

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Final World Champion
Junior Handling 2018

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